Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Week later!

At last! a minute to sit down a record events of the week - so many of them too!

What a lovely young family we have staying with us at the moment - they have made themselves totally at home and are lovely company to have. The children, aged 3&7 have made good use of my girls' toys and games that I had in storage for such an occasion. Due to weather being warm and sunny they have played out in the garden quite alot.

The B&B side of things is going well, my lovely husband keeping me in check with my haphazard table setting - there is alot to remember and think about constantly - but I will get the hang of it I am sure.

Very glad we bought a new washing machine before the visitors arrived as it has been in constant use!

We had a short trip up to the Bay of Islands, we all had a marvelous time. Our accommodation was basic but clean and reasonably priced and in a good situation for walking to cafes etc. A day was spent on a trip to the hole in the rock and on the way we were privileged to see many dolphins.

Better go and hang out some more washing, till next time......

ps. will try and attach some photos! 

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