Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Week

This last week was my birthday, and, as luck would have it I came down with a nasty virus! As people who know me well I don't "do" unwell - so my day wasn't the best.

However now I am over it and did a spot of shopping today with my birthday present from my lovely mother-in-law. Ladies who visit Haven Homestay will be thrilled to learn that shopping in the Birkenhead area is fab!. We have the loveliest gift shops with out of the ordinary items to buy. My current fav is Crave. Jude the owner has the most divine taste! Todays purchase (with my birthday money) is the pictured Eelskin coin purse. I have been coveting this for some time and every visit to the shop I hold it and wish it were mine-now it is.

Enough now I must go and stir the Tikka Masala as my lovely husband has just come home...

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