Thursday, April 14, 2011

A lovely cuppa!

Those of you who know me well know that I love a good cup of tea that coffee is not my thing at all. So it was great to find a coffee shop that actually serves tea in a proper tea cup!

Today I paid a visit to the Hinemoa Street Organic Cafe here in Birkenhead and treated myself to lunch. The owner is a young lady who is dedicated to good service and wholesome organic food and I must say it was delicious... and.... the tea was in a proper cup. So any visitors to Haven Homestay will be encouraged to try out this cafe - I am sure they will enjoy their visit. My fellow customers were tucking into the likes of yummy muffins, steak sandwiches, lovely looking wraps and salads and soup which was what I decided to try - and very nice it was too!  Above all it was very clean and the staff most attentive.

Today is another glorious Autumn day, very warm and still. The trees are just starting to turn to red and orange a sure sign that winter is not far away. So I must go outside now and rake up a few leaves...............

Monday, April 11, 2011


Well Saturday was a day full of positive vibes. The day was a gorgeous Autumn day warm and still and as I was eating breakfast by myself (that tale follows) I heard a strange wooshing noise over my shoulder, I turned around and there just above the trees was a hot air balloon just hanging like a ghost! After taking many photos this was deemed the best even though it was taken into the sun-I think it looks quite eerie.

The reason for my solitary breakfast was that my lovely husband had set off early fishing and for the first time caught his legal limit of 9 snapper-he was so chuffed, as was I, friends and neighbours! Yum fresh fish. Hopefully when we have guests they too can have freshly caught snapper for dinner - what a treat for them.

The third and most important event of the day was the launching of the website for our B&B, Now we have an official address we are able to list in various tourism publications and websites. Yay at long last we are ready for action.

Well I think that all the news for now I must go and do a little in the garden while the sun is still shining..............

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fall has Fallen

Hi again, its been awhile but finally its my turn to use the computer. The reason for the delay is the impending launch of our website that my lovely husband has been slaving over for the past week or so. Its looking really quite professional and we are very pleased with the look. Will let you know more later!

Yes fall has fallen with the turning back of the clocks on Sunday. Always a time of wistful melancholy as the nights all of a sudden close in. However Sunday was a really beautiful day and I set off early to the monthly Coastesville Market. It has increased in size over the past few years and I think everybody in Auckland was there. The stalls are a wonderful array of artisan foods and quality crafts, I always come home with a bagful of goodies. This time it was vanilla extract, a lovely sultana loaf (so cheap and yummy it would have been silly to make one myself), organic cheeses and a lovely piece of clothing for the autumnal days. Anyone visiting Haven Homestay at the beginning of the month will be advised to visit the market for a lovely experience.

I have been out and about with my trusty old camera taking shots of our local attractions and will be posting more of them soon.

Today is chilly, windy and occasionally wet - not pleasant - however I think an evening for some homemade pasta is in order -  so I'd best get cracking ........ till next time