Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where did May go!

Yoghurt coconut cake with passionfruit icing
Well what did happen to May?? Time seems to fly past so quickly these days - I'm told its because I'm getting older!!Enough of that sort of talk.

 What a cake that turned out to be. It is as yummy as it looks. Now the bookings for Haven Homestay have started to come in I am starting to think of new recipes to delight the visitors with and I think this will definately go in the "to do" pile. Its very tropical with a hint of rum.

Apologies to family members who are not in Auckland you will just have to look and imagine.

Speaking of bookings we have been getting quite a few enquiries through Tourism Auckland which is so encouraging for us especially my lovely husband who spent sooo many hours building the website and trying to get it listed properly.

My next challenge is to gather together a repertoire of yummy NZ style food to tempt the visitors with so they can stay at "home" to eat if they feel a little jaded after a full days sightseeing in Auckland.

Speaking of dinner its time to go and look in the fridge to see whats on the menu for us tonight................

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  1. Talking of cake Gill, when we visited the tearooms in Lytham, UK, I tried a piece of home-made pineapple fruit cake and Christine had lemon drizzle cake. Very nice! Nearly as good as yours!!