Monday, July 25, 2011

Deep Mid Winter

Dragged us out of hibernation on Saturday and went for a nosy to somewhere we'd never been before, even though we have lived here for thirty odd years-shame on us really!

Thursday night we sat a watched a really lovely locally made film called The Insatiable Moon. It was set in and around Ponsonby and Herne Bay, two suburbs that are not more than ten minutes drive from Haven Homestay.

At Herne Bay there is a park and outdoor swimming pool, known as Pt Erin, which is really lovely (sorry girls that we never took you there when you were little!). The photo above was taken from Point Erin and shows a different look to the harbour bridge, one we certainly had never seen before. In the film this shot was used in one of the scenes and it brought Pt Erin to our attention. 

Herne Bay and Ponsonby are lovely areas with quirky shops selling all manner of different things and boasts some of the best eateries around. Its very easy to walk around. We discovered lots of little reserves that go down right to the waters edge (when the tide is in of course) and walking around the streets it is so interesting, looking a people's gardens and lovely old properties.

When you are tired of walking there are many cafe's to go to and have a really good coffee.

It made us realise that even in deep mid winter we really should get out more, and so I must go and consult the map and decide where to venture to next.....................