Friday, January 11, 2013

A brand new year

My goodness how time flies- its been a long time since my last post as you can see!

Last year was a difficult one, with members of the family having health problems. Happily they are mostly resolved now, so we can get back to the job of being B&B hosts here in the lovely Auckland region.

The year has started off in a splendid fashion, with a flurry of bookings and enquiries here at Haven Homestay. We are looking forward to meeting all who are booked and excited at the prospect of being able to help them with their trip in and around Auckland. With new guests in mind, I have been thinking of new breakfast goodies to offer. "Santa" was kind this year and gave me a yogurt maker - so along with homemade museli, preserves and breads, I will now have homemade yogurt to offer guests at breakfast time and I can assure you its yummy!

In the next week or so we are expecting a guest who is on a world trip. He is blogging about his adventures along the way - you can read about them - we are looking forward to meeting him and hearing of his plans for his trip.

On a sad note we have recently said goodbye to our lovely cat Louie, who sadly passed away just before Christmas. He was a lovely fellow and is missed by us all. No plans for a replacement yet though!

Well that's all for now - I have some bread ready for the oven hmmmmmm...... till the next time.

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