Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Auckland......So much more than the Sky Tower

Hello again from sunny and dry Auckland! Yes its been a fantastic summer so far for people who love the beach, not so for the farmers - everything is quite dry due to the acute lack of rain. 

Today I thought I would highlight the fact that Auckland has THE most beautiful beaches, a fact not really advertised by our tourist information providers, due to the fact going to the beach doesn't earn much revenue for the city, whereas going to the "sights" e.g. the Sky Tower, to name one, does. That is because going to the beach is free to do! I'm not saying that going to the Sky Tower is not something to do - it is - and you get some lovely views up there and can jump off if you are that way inclined, and please by all means put it on your list of things to do whilst here.

But the beaches here are really some of the best in the country. If you don't like one or there are too many people you can just travel a short distance to another. All our beaches are clean and tidy, usually with a playground for the kiddies and toilets and change rooms.

This week I am going to highlight four beaches in our neck of the woods that don't take long to travel to if your are staying at Haven Homestay.

Cheltenham Beach

Narrow Neck Beach

Cheltenham Beach is a long, sandy, family friendly beach situated in the suburb of Devonport. The beach is quite sheltered and is shallow at high tide making it safe for the littlies. Anchored a little way out is a floating pontoon for the "big" kids to play on and if its a windy day you can watch the kite surfers playing. There is a grassy area too with trees if you require shelter from the sun. Parking in nearby streets doesn't seem to be a problem. Just a little further North is Narrow Neck beach, with much the same facilities but with the addition of a sailing club makes it a little busier, a lot more to watch!

Travelling North again, about 10 minutes at the most, you arrive at Takapuna Beach. This is a much larger beach than the two previous with a multitude of things happening on any given day.
Boat ramp at Takapuna

Go down any day of the week to Takapuna Beach and you can see, boats being launched, jet skiers, paddleboarders, yachting and surf lifesaving training - gee it is a busy place, but as its such a big beach there is plenty of space for all this activity and certainly makes interesting viewing if you are a "people" watcher.

At the top end of Takapuna Beach is the amazingly popular Takapuna Beach Cafe. Yesterday I was down at the beach at 10am and the place was full!  I believe their food is just splendid and their award winning ice cream is to die for.

Yummies on offer!
many varieties of ice cream!

Finally a short walk along the coastal pathway (which is a blog all of its own) you arrive at the secluded Thorne Bay, surrounded by luxury properties it is a little gem of a place.

Thorne Bay

Thorne Bay is a safe, quiet beach, almost private. As there is no vehicle access close by I think its much more of a "locals" beach but very lovely just the same. Its a good place to stop for a rest and paddle if you are out on the Milford-Takapuna coastal walk.

Well as you can see I have covered just a handful of our local beaches. Beach lovers could in fact go to a different beach every day without having to travel long distances, and see a diverse range of activities each day.

I have many more to write about as the beaches just keep on going all the way up the East Coast of the North Shore and all within easy driving distance of Haven Homestay-we can even loan you beach towels!

I'd better get the battery charged up for the next big day of photographing our lovely beaches.......... which one to pick next!


  1. Ahhhhhhh!!!Wish you were there!!Yes we visited some of these place's briefly whilst on our visit to NZ.Lovely:-)We are fortunate to have some lovely beach's in England aswell.Unfortunately we don't get the climate to enjoy them,So havenhomestay guest's please take advantage because we did.:-)

  2. Ahhhhhhh!!Wish you were there!!Yes We visited some of these place's briefly whilst on our visit to NZ.Lovely:-)Fortunatly we are lucky to have some lovely beach's in England aswell.Unfortunatley we don't get the weather to fully appreciate them.So Havenhomestay guest please take advantage because we did...:-)<3