Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Frolicks - Hidden Treasures - Beachhaven

Aimee & Ivy

Last weekend my lovely husband was out on the sparkling Waitemata catching us some dinner, so I decided to go and do something "girly". I set out to visit a vintage fair being held at our local events centre. Whilst it was a small affair - not too much to spend my money on - I did find the wonderful Aimee&Ivy their selling their beautiful and, most importantly, reasonably priced china and collectibles.

After purchasing a few items I had a chat with the owner of Aimee&Ivy, Michelle, who it turned out has her little shop situated in our own neighbourhood. So off a popped today, camera in hand to have a chat to Michelle and to take some photos so you can see too.


Glassware and china

Michelle started collecting at an early age and certainly has an eye for quality. Her bright and colourful little shop is full to bursting with high quality items all at a very reasonable price. Michelle has no intention of ripping her loyal customers off that'
s for sure!

In addition to glass, china and clothes, Michelle also hires out vases of every size imaginable and is also starting to make her own soft furnishing using vintage and quirky fabrics. This place is certainly a find and an asset to our area.

During winter she is open on Friday 10am-3pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm, and can be found on Facebook too! The shop can be found at 149a Birkdale Road. Do go and have a look, you are sure to come away with something beautiful!

vintage clothes

Little secret treasures abound in our area and I will be taking the time over the next few months to seek them out and bring you the details, after all its these small things that make Beachhaven such an interesting place to visit and, perhaps, stay awhile....... Till next time when I may have something we all love to eat to tell you about.......ta taaaa!