Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Lovely days outing

Saturday February 26 was another lovely day. We woke early and were out of the house by 9am- quite a feat for us!
We headed northwards, travelling for about 45 minutes to Matakana. A small settlement renown for its Saturday Farmers Market and Morris and James Pottery. We were there quite early so it wasn't too crowded and we managed a good look around the market, sampling yummy things as we went. After collecting a few things for a picnic we carried on up the road to Leigh.. Ten minutes later we are down at Goat Island, a marine reserve just teeming with fish.
The little girls were very excited about going out on the glass bottomed boat, and it turned out to be a lovely trip. A few days earlier there had been some unsettled weather which had churned the bottom up so our view of the fish wasn't as awesome as it might have been, but we still saw plenty of marine life. After our picnic we set off again to our favourite beach at Tawharanui. We all had a marvelous time in the surf and returned home happy and hungry.
We are so fortunate to have these beautiful places on our doorstep, we musn't forget to go more regularly,
Anyhow better get on and get the guests fed.................

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