Friday, June 17, 2011

June - deep winter

Hello again from Haven Homestay. Today finds us deep in winter - although as the picture will suggest the Hibiscus refuse to hibernate!

June is our month of birthdays - 5 in all - and with the impending birth of a great nephew the number will increase to six. Two of our family members have the same birthday of 25 June and we are all hoping(?) that the new boy will also be born on that day. 

We are slowly receiving booking for September and October for the Rugby World Cup but I admit some bookings prior to this event would be a good warm up for us.

Auckland has some awesome events happening before the RWC, for example the Auckland Food Show, which is a much anticipated event on the winter schedule, and well worth a visit.

We are busy cooking new and exciting cakes and breads at the moment, which I hope to serve to our guests when they arrive.

Speaking of arriving, my lovely husband, whose birthday it was yesterday - has just arrived home from a long day in the car so I'd better go and give him some attention...........

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