Monday, January 21, 2013

Where have all the snapper gone??

Hello again from Haven Homestay! My lovely husband is despondent at the moment......awwww!
This past year we bought a newer boat so fishing could be accomplished without the drama of damaged shoulders and sore backs, but the fish have all disappeared. This little fellow (quite the legal length I might add) is the only fellow to be eaten so far this year.

We have been fishing a number of times in different harbours to no avail....but he is not on his own as after questioning a number of fellow anglers they are not catching any also. One fellow was reported to have gone five miles out to sea only to catch a couple of fish... now that's what I call expensive eating!

Enough of the fish.... We have a lovely guest Steve, from Colorado staying at the moment. He is busy visiting as many sights as he can before he goes South tomorrow. As I mentioned in my previous blog you can read of his adventures His blog is very entertaining and full of photos of his adventures. The latest blog even has a photo of my kitchen, would you believe!

He has been an interesting guest, full of knowledge gained from his extensive travels around the world. We will continue to follow him long after he has left us.............
Happy travels Steve and drive safely!

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  1. I love your site Gilly! Thank you for being a gracious host . . . I will definitely recommend your place to my friends and family. Paul and you have a wonderful home, where you both made me feel like part of your family!

    Hugs, Steve